About Us

"I have always paid particular attention to appearance and attention to detail having been a Publican for 16 years previously, hands were always very important to me as they were always on show.

I started having Acylic nails applied in 1990 and soon caught the 'bug', and decided that this was the career move I needed, so in 2003 I completed my NVQ and started my career in the Beauty Industry. I worked in Tonbridge for a while then freelanced and settled for 3 1/2 years in a salon in Southborough.

The Beauty Box became available in 2009, having previously been an Antique shop. After viewing the premises I decided this was the perfect location and size to start my buisness. I signed the lease on April 1st!!!! and we had a salon 'Grand Opening' with Mayor Russbridge on 1st May.

We have increased our buisness over the past 8 years, adding procedures along the way, from relaxing day-to-day manicure/pedicures to wedding packages.